A property manager's guide to pest control
As a property manager I have worked with many pest control companies and have done a lot of pest control work in-house with my own maintenance crew. Over the years I have gained quite a bit of knowledge about how to get rid of common household pests. Please choose the animal or insect your want to get rid of below for our comprehensive guide on pest control for that particular pest.

How To Get Rid Of Rats

get ride of rats
Rats are a common pest that result in many pest control calls. They are important to remove for many reasons. They can carry and spread many diseases, bring fleas into your home, contaminate food with droppings and urine, cause damages to household items (they chew them for material to create their nests), and damage household electrical systems, HVAC systems, and phone lines. If you see one rat chances are there are others. They generally live together and don't leave their home unless they no longer have a source of food.
How To Get Rid Of Roaches

get ride of roaches
Roaches are one of the most difficult pests to deal with. They are very small which helps them fit through tiny holes and cracks and invade your home. Cockroaches come out at night and hide during the day in dark, moist places. They reproduce quickly and roach problems multiply if not treated. Cockroach feces, saliva, and eggs can cause alergic reactions. The most serious health problem roaches cause is salmonella food poisoning. This is uncommon but has been proven.
How To Get Rid Of Ants

get ride of ants
Ants tend to invade homes when it rains and when the weather is hot. Although their main purpose is to find food for their colony they don't mind getting out of harsh weather either.
How To Get Rid Of Beg Bugs

get rid of bed bugs
Bed bugs are the feared blood suckers of the night. They can go months without eating and can fit in tiny hiding places. They have made a recent comeback especially on the east coast. Beg bugs aren't pests you can ignore. Killing bed bugs when there is a known infestation is very important.